is a Leadership Development Specialist,
Dr Andrew Brough
Professional Speaker,
& Chartered Marketer.
7 Reasons why you should consider working with . . . Brough Leadership Institute as preferred provider for your management and leadership development and sales and marketing skills training.
One of the most difficult challenges for companies is to create alignment in stakeholder perceptions between the organisation's leadership values and its ultimate strategy.
Sustainable companies of the 21st century understand the power of stakeholder engagement.
Tom Peters is famous for saying, "Execution is strategy. Strategy is execution." In a turbulent market, those companies that are able to effectively execute on strategy have a far greater chance of...
During a recent customer service workshop, I was reminded again of the outstanding work done by Jan Carlzon on "Moments of Truth" -

Through the Brough Leadership Institute, Dr Andrew Brough and his team specialise in the design, development and delivery of training solutions in these four areas:

Leadership in the 21st century needs to embrace the complexity of both personal and professional development.

These programmes are built on helping clients work more effectively in deciding what makes them unique and how they go to market.

In order to be effective, team leaders need to help team members identify purpose, priorities and plans

A new work reality involves people contributing from anywhere on any device at any time. This has a changed the way leaders interact with those they lead.